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10 myths about dating in London

The more the number of people you date, higher the chances of you being able to find the perfect ‘one’ for you. It isn’t so as sometimes even a first or second ... Continue Reading

stay together

When is it better to separate rather than stay together?

Are the days of unending exchange of “I love you” gone? Was the blessing of love that you had before had turned into a horrible relationship. If you can’t take ... Continue Reading


Get the Actual Flavor of Inte...

If you are under tremendous pressure in your work place then there is no doubt that you will definitely need somebody with whom you can shar...

Where Russian Women Find Romance

Online dating does not have the negative stigma that it used to. In fact, it’s gone to new levels in western culture. It...

diamond rings

Diamond Engagement Rings – Help guide to Ring Configur...

With regards to searching for diamond engagement rings, it is best to come outfitted after some savvy. Ring configurations, the mountings th... Continue Reading

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